Family Photography

Last weekend I spent time with a wonderful family. I had so much fun watching C, age 3, and his parents exploring the DeCordova Sculpture Museum in Lincoln, MA. It was such a pleasure to spend the day with them. Connor is such a cutie! I love how we were able to capture that twinkle in his eye. He is such a curious little guy. I can’t wait for more family photo sessions this summer!

Family photography Boston

Boston Family Photography



IMG_8181 IMG_8180 IMG_8171 IMG_8170  IMG_8104 IMG_8084 IMG_8059 IMG_8058 IMG_8048 IMG_8047 IMG_8034 IMG_8018 IMG_7994 IMG_7971 IMG_7949 IMG_7977 IMG_7967 IMG_7993 IMG_7895 IMG_7899 IMG_7797 IMG_7787 IMG_7785 IMG_7809 IMG_7822 IMG_7800


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