Couples Maternity Photos

IMG_9507IMG_9514   IMG_9496

I don’t think G and E could be any more photogenic. I loved that we got to capture a few images in the baby’s room with the furniture that  E made by hand! It is so beautiful. They came with a bunch of great ideas for both fun and striking images. I’m excited to take some more once the wee one arrives later this month!

IMG_8930 IMG_8908 IMG_8994 IMG_9075 IMG_9077 IMG_9081 IMG_9092 IMG_9087 IMG_9097 IMG_9131 IMG_9130 IMG_9146 IMG_9169 IMG_9220 IMG_9223 IMG_9213 IMG_9226 IMG_9258 IMG_9269 IMG_9265 IMG_9273 IMG_9281 IMG_9305 IMG_9307 IMG_9310 IMG_9312 IMG_9325 IMG_9332 IMG_9338 IMG_9339 IMG_9347 IMG_9349 IMG_9394



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